Florence Files:  Accessories in Early - Mid 16thC Florence
Recreating 16th Century Florentine and Tuscan  Clothing and Lifestyle

Florence Files

Research and Recreations by La Signora Onorata Katerina da Brescia.

Accessories in Florence is more restrained than, say in Venice. Pearls were very popular. After the mid 16th century, the accessories became more flamboyant and more in keeping with what many consider to be 16th century Italian.

Saccoccia (pocket/pouch)
Worn under the dress, over the petticoat or skirts, near the openings in place of a pouch.

Pearls were common. According to La Mode a Firenze (the most recent published research in the area of Florentine clothing of the time), the Florentine did not commonly wear earrings. The lack of earrings in early 16th century (non-Medici) portraits seem to back this up. Earrings became increasingly decorated as the decades rolled by. However, even into the late 1500's, there are many (non-Medici) portraits showing no earrings worn at all.  The earrings them selves are usually on a hoop arrangement.

Zebellini are often called flea fus or tippets, literally it means the pelt of a sable (zibellino). It can also be of furs of ermine, sable, marten, lynx and other animals.