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The Florence Files: Florentine Underthings Giorgeria
research by La Signora Onorata Katerina da Brescia.

Sumptuary laws, made by Cosimo, allowed for one gold giorgeria (Moda a Firenze).
Possible Patterns:
 The fresco, by Allori (1588) is found on the cieling of  the Arcade vault in the Pitti Palace (Pitti Palace: all the Museums, p 75,  Patterns of Fashion 4, p 16). This show 6 women in thier toilette and washing linens. The first one seems to show ties for under the arms (and not a specific armhole). The second shows this rectangular shaping better. It also shows long ties at one edge (bottom, front of the partlet) as would be suggested by the research in Moda a Firenze about long ties around the waist to hold the partlet in place (p

Examples: worn in portraiture:

First was the 1559 Bronzino's Portrait of a Lady, now thought to be that of Guilia the illigitimate daughter of Allessandro Medici.
The second portrait is Portrait of a Woman found in the Uffizi, dated around 1550-65 and possibly by Alessandro Allori.
Both are Florentine from a similar timeline.


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