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 Recreating  16th century Florentine and Tuscan Clothing and Lifestyle

Compiled by La Signora Onorata Katerina da Brescia.

Palazzo Pitti, with the gardens beyond the courtyard with two levels and ground floor.
San Michele Visdomini Square
a simple one floor  and ground
Palazzo Vechhio complete with tower
You will pass through the door:
either simple or more elaborate, depending on the owner's status
Once inside, you will pass into a courtyard:

Casa Strozzi Palazzo Vecchio
From here you go up the stairs to the Ricetto (hall) to await the Lord's pleasure. Once admitted to the Sala you will recieve an audience. You may see the wondrous decorations commensuate with the Lord's wealth.

(Photos:Main Hall of Palazzo Vecchio/ Salone dei cinquecento (Hall of 1500's) in Vecchio/ Uffizi Hall roof/  Palazzo Pitti )

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