Great Southern Gathering 2010: Tourneys
(you will need to be an authorised combatant to participate)
Tourney Type Information Day/ Time
Rapier: Cut and Thrust The Gathering: There can be only one winner.
(possibly the 1st cut and thrust tourney in Lochac. )
Format: Round robin.
1st bout: 2 handed longsword
2nd bout: sword and buckler
3rd bout: any legal cut and thrust  form chosen by individual.
Winner: determined by number of rounds won with a count back on bouts won, if there is a tie.  
Sunday 3rd October, 2010.
Rapier: Teams Rapier Tournament.
Teams: up to 2 people (yes you can have a team on one).
Format: round robin, best of 3.
The team format gives lots of opportunities for strategizing and including having no strategy at all. It can be great fun!
Sunday 3rd October, 2010.