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In an effort to encourage arts and sciences, we occasionally run A&S competitions , the prize being  a year's subscription to the Lochac A&S Magazine - Cockatrice.

This year we held our first household Arts and Sciences Competition. The prize was a year's subscription to Lochac's A&S magazine Cockatrice. This year's theme was a household item.
We had two entries:
  • Lord Tostig with his wooden bed. This was presented for judging, in situ, inside his new viking tent, while at Festival this year.
  • Fionndbhair with her majolica plate:

Judging was based on the Lochac Kingdom A&S judsging guidelines which can be found at:
This year's winner was Lord Tostig (by only a whisker), as he had made the bed from scratch without using power tools, in an effort to get closer to making the bed in a period manner. Congratulations to both our entrants! 

Tostig's Bed.
R: close up on joint
Far R: close up on the slats

Fionn's plate: back and front (R).

Tostig's Viking Tent.

Photos: K. Carlisle c. 2005

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