(updated 29th October).

Kill the Pirates (Again)

In March, Innilgard archers and lights helped to destroy and board the pirates ship, Huzzah!

Above: Lord William won the Light tourney on the day.

More Pictures can be seen at The Gardian's Website.

Newcomers Feast

Agnita, at her second event, after moving to Innilgard.
Agnita is Katerina's apprentice sister.

Lord Dafydd and Morgan at the feast.

Right: La Signora Onorata Katerina and

Far Right: Vicountessa Lucrezia

Ides of March Games Day

This year's Games Day was a lot of fun, with heavy and rapier tourneys, races, a quest, merchants...

Hopefully it will happen again next year!

Far left: La Signora Onorata Katerina recieves an A&S Bell, from the Kill the Pirates.

Vicountess Lucrezia sells her wares....

Festival 2006, Rowany.

This year, Lord William, Lord Dafydd and La Signora Onorata Katerina made the epic journey to Rowany Festival.

Far L: our (borrowed) tent. Next year we hope to have our pavilion ready to go!
Left: inside our tent (next year we hope to have the internal walls done also).

Below L: Lord William fights Don Henry and
Middle: Lord Dafydd fights him as well!
Below: Queen Yolande watch Innilgardians doing rapier.

Innilgard's Winter Collegium - June

Left: Kat, Morgan and Agnita (photo by Dafydd)


COLLEGIUM CD 4 will be available later in the year, with all profits going towards A&S in the Barony.

This year's Winter Collegium was run by Lady Fionn. Lord Dafydd, La Signora Onorata Katerina and Morgan attended. Kat's apprentice sister, Lady Agnita, also attended.

Kat was free to run classes this year :

  • Florentine underwear
  • Florentine headwrap (above)
  • Chopines and Zoccoli (bottom Right).

Agnita ran a class on Venetian horn hairstyles (as can be seen on Kat, above, R).


L: Dafydd
M: Morgan (Toird, Fionn) and Owen

L: Eleanor
L: Tovye
M: Angeta
R: Agneta and Katerina (me)

Aislinn also attended

(thanks to Fionn for the last Photo).

High table:
His Grace Duke Cornelius, His Excellency Baron Drake, His Majesty King Draco, Her Majesty Queen Asa, Her Excellency Baroness Blodeuwedd, (Her Grace, Duchess Morwynna), Lady Linet with Lady Letitia in front of high table.

Lady Angita, Morgan, La Signora Onorata Katerina at the ball to celebrate this year's Baron's Champion - Lord Tostig. Dafydd attended also.

First Mate's Tourney

Foundation Day Picnic, celebrating the Barony's beginnings.... 29th October. It is held traditionally on the last Sunday of the month. This year was the 23rd Picnic.

Eleanor (Kite flying the background) Mistress Aislinn, Eleanor and Baroness Blodeuwedd Eleanor and Master Tovye
Morgan and Dafydd on the way to feed the ducks. Katerina in the herb garden. Lord William
feeding the ducks

Innilgard's 20th Anniversary on becoming a Barony. This event was attended by King Draco and Queen Asa, Duke Cornelius and Duchess Morwynna. There were many Innilgardians who have not played recently. It was great to see faces like Shamus, Master Osgot and Mistress Aesla, Starmount and Grainne, Brand and many others.... I hope they return to play more regularly!