Events attended in 2011

Innilgard Baronial Rapier Championship.
The first event we attended , this year was the Baronial Rapier Championship. There were 13 combatants. Dafydd and William both fought.
I was planni

Royal Visit 

As one of the Queen's Lady's in Waiting William gets called up in court I recieve my GoA scroll Our friend, Devora gets her AOA

The cypher the Queen gave me

I also recieved a medallion for services to Lochac Scribes.


ign: top;">Morgan has decided she wants to do fencing. Has to wit 5 years before she is officially allowed. Lord William congratulates Innilgard's newest Courtier, Sir Haos - a friend of ours. Lord William is a Courtier as well. La Signora Onorata Katerina enjoying the tourney. 

Innilgard : Medieval Faire May

The A&S Display  tent

William and Dafydd

Dafydd and Katerina

The Fair Parade 

William in the rapier display

More Dafydd...

Foundation Day Picnic

Dafydd watching the rapier tourney Lucrezia Miss M Katerina and my friend, Fionn.