Events attended in 2005

Innilgard Rapier Team Tourney 2005 & Rapier Counted Blows Tourney, 2005.




1. Team Splendid - Lord Dafydd Wallraven, Lorg Gregory Tortuse de Slowleye (a ring in) & Lord William Forester de Blacwode. (photo: thanks Hugh, I was sick)

2. and Lord William accepts the position of Innilgard's Seneschal. 


3. Vicountessa Lucrezia, with her new buckler. At the Rapier Counted Blows tourney, 2005.

4. Rapier Counted Blows Tourney: Lord Dafydd fighting Vicountessa Lucrezia.




Innilgard Baronial Investiture, 2005

Vicountess Lucrezia

Lord William prepares for tourney

Lord William and Vicountessa Lucrezia

La Signora Onorata Katerina (awarded by King Stephen and Queen Mathilde at Court) and Lord Dafydd.

Ballo Viola Duo

Ballo Viola Duo was held as part of the Midwinter celebrations.

Food included sugared roses and violets, pomegranites and yummy sticky sweets.

Lord Dafydd playing chess.

Midwinter Coronation, Innilgard, 2005


La Signora Onorata Katerina and Lord Dafydd are presented to Queen Morwynna for the Rapier tourney

Lord Dafydd fights Vicountessa Lucrezia (again) in the tourney.

First Mate's Tourney

Morgan enjoyed herself at this year's First Mates Tourney in September. Full details can be found on

The Gardian's Webpage. and Pics HERE