The Florence Diaries:  Kat's Pattens - Calandrelli (wooden Platform shoes)
Recreated by La Signora Onorata Katerina da Brescia.

Finally, I have got off my butt and finished my pattens. This is my first pair which, I am sure, will be updated later when I find out all the things I don't like about them! 

The pattern (below left) for the pattens was based on pictures of extant examples found in Shoes and Pattens. I used paper to shape around my foot (over the shoe). At this time, I am using pine due to the cost. The 'uppers' are made from leather, as is the hinge on the front of the foot. I have heard varying reports on this so will see for myself how they go. I used 'blue steel' tacs from the hardware store. (below centre) . The almost final item on the far right, below. 

The Final Items


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