The Florence Files:  Toile for Medici Gownes, 1555-60
Recreating 16th Century Florentine and Tuscan  Clothing and Lifestyle

Florence Files

Recreated by La Signora Onorata Katerina da Brescia.

This toile was made for two reasons: I needed an underdress for the Maria d' Medici outfit and for a dress based on Eleanor d' Toledo gown from the Bronzino portrait Eleanor d' Toledo and her son. than Elenora was!:


So finally I could try my 'experimental' gowne.
I used the furnishing material, lined it with one lot of canvas (if using lighter material in the final gowne, I will have to use 2 layers of canvas) and I lined it with linen, which was blindstitched to the outer bodice.
These days, it seems that half of the dress is handsewing (at least the bits that show).

1. front
2. back
3. side
4. skirt, made with panels and gores as per Alcega's pattern (as I used with the Florentine 1516 gowne)

Putting on the skirt:

To finish the skirt seams, I flat-felled them and overstitched with running stitch in grey linen thread. (below).

 To help give the shape, the front was dipped as in the portrait, to flattern the abdomen and help give the correct shape. This means that the skirt pattern must be cut lower to fit the front of the bodice.
First I pinned the skirt up with the bodice

Hand-sewn eyelets were used on the bodice, bias used to finish off the side splits in the skirt, and hem handsewn
The finished 'experimental dress'. 

to get the line for the front skirt.
There is, however, a 'curve' in the skirt at the front. This could account for Eleanora's dress (and similar ones with a peaked bodice) seem to have a '2-piece' front skirt (often covered with braid or gards).
Now this is done, I can work on the kirtle for the Maria d'Medici dress. I can also use this for the basis of an Eleanor d' Toledo (her mother) gowne.

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