Purple Files: Morgan's Red Dress - Florentine 1516

I have now given away all of Morgan's old garb, as she has grown out of it.

As I have done with the camicia, I am making this one a size larger to allow for growth. I am intending on using the left over materials from my Florentine 1516 dress, and in a simlar style. This time I will lace in the sleeves.
I will also use the Alcega/ eleanora patterns for the skirt, minimizing the amounts of materials used, as in the above dress.

Linings: linen, blindstitched (not bagged) to the body.
Seams: were flat felled with overstitching (see Hand sewn Camicia for details on stitches and sewing).

Eyelets: hand made using a stiletto. Cords were hand-knitted.
The skirt was cut in the same manner as my dress.(below).

Skirt: cartridge pleated, using linen to stiffen the top, and linen thread used to creat the pleats, as this is stronger. The pleated skirt was then sewn onto the completed dress body. As I was running out of time (for the tourney in 3 days), I did not hand sew the eyelet lacings for the sleeves (as intended) and sent my dearheart to the shops to find eyelet lacings... (far R).

And finally, the finished article.

As can be seen, from the back view, this was made a size larger. Morgan is a typical 4 year old who is growing by the day!

I also left 30cm (yes, 30cm!) of hem for growth. Hopefully this dress will last one - two years.
(Note to self: argh sewing 30cm of hem into 8cm... ick).


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