Making Gloves
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I decided on this sort of glove for a few different reasons:

  • they were for my 3 year old. Originally I wanted a simple mitten but decided Morgan would get very frustrated if she could not use her fingers.
  • I also wanted a simple, quicker glove to make, as 3 year olds grow quickly and they would not be needed for long.
  • I wanted a documentable glove. Three fingered gloves can be documented as working gloves. What better for a child!

Making a pattern for gloves

Sculpture of 3 fingered working glove.
From Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Saint-jean-de-Maurienne, 1498. (Dress in the Middle Ages)

Main pattern traced on back of leather (lamb) Don't forget to 'flip' the pattern so you have a right and left hand - and not two the same!


1st: sew the thumb. The pattern was cut out. It is a very good idea to tack stitch (with contrasting thread) the leather. This will stop the leather slipping and help with making sure everything stays lining up. Remember, any holes will not dissapear. Do NOT pin.


The thumb is then stitched. As this was a 'working' glove for a small child, I used a running stitch. A weaker, decorative stitch would have be superfluous and more time consuming.

Lining up the thumb into the thumbhole.

Again, tack the pieces together. When sewing running stitch, keep the needle at right angles.

The thumb sewn into the main pattern.

Next, cut the fingers and sew them together. Be careful not to sew the thumb into the fingers!

The almost finished glove, palm side

Back of the glove

How they fit Morgan. She loves them

How they grip.


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