Costume Pics (ACG events mainly)

Oz Comic Con: A family affair. Steampunk and Adventure Time.

Cosplay for a Cause ran a Big Afternoon tea to raise money for Cancer Council.

2014: was the evolution of my aviatrix outfit. It started with a corset, cap and goggles. A skirt was added, then finally the articulated wings made their debut at the Costume Ball.

Annual ACG Costume Ball - The Aviatrix costume is complete (sans firepower)

Armageddon :  We are Jayne - a Firefly family costume affair. Thanks to my friend Anwyn for knitting our hats!
Anuual ACG Christmas party is next week/
What shall we wear?


AVCON had a Show us Yer Warface competition... so cobbled together some bits from the cupboard.

Our Stargate SGU costumes got an outing to meet Richard Dean Anderson at Oz Comic Con Oz Comic Con: Gandalf and my Hobbitess, and part of the ACG contingent (Reacher Gilt and Tia Dalma returned also)

A group of us Steampunk'd it up to attend a showing of Jeff Wayne's  'War of the Worlds"

Annual Costumers' Ball - August
New outfits: Mine based on artist Brian Kensiger's Victoria and Otto (I needed an excuse to make my octopus hat!) David made his own turban for Captain Nemo.

ACG Quiz Night : November. This year's theme was Doctor Who - to celebrate 50 years of one the best shows to grace our tv screens! 11th Doctor and Donna Noble. Geronimo!

And All Hallows Eve - A family affair (I finally managed to bring out my Day of the Dead makeup!)

March : Oz Comic Con - Adelaide. Innaugral one to be held. Dave and I helped on the ACG table. busy, busy...
Day 1: Saturday: we both did Dr Who - Eleventh Doctor . We had our photo taken with Ben Browder (SG1/Farscape and Dr Who.. just fresh from filming!)

March : Oz Comic Con - Adelaide / Day 2: I finished my latest Harry Potter outfit: Rita Skeeter. Dave went in his Jayne outfit. Our friend Anwyn knitted his hat!

I interviewed some Con goers on the day... fun!
Rock of Ages Premier, June: a group of us channelled 80's Rock

We went as ZZ top... Sharp Dressed 'Men'..
Quizz Night: July 14th: Being short on time, Dafydd resurrected Baron Samedi (James Bone). I made a new white leather top hat, for the occasion.
I was inspired by a tshirt design for Velma the Zombie Slayer... I always thought she would be the one to survive the longest! Dave painted the gun and helped me with the leather. I made the belt buckle.
ACG Quiz Night: Dave - Baron Samedi; Zombie Maker/. I went as Velma: Zombie Slayer... Team Shuttle.. most of us! we won again...
July: some of us went to the Unseen Convivium (Pratchett) in Adelaide: Dave reprising Reacher Gilt. We attended the second Sherlock Holmes movie, in Victorian attire.
The Annual ACG Ball: Dave in the premier of his Malfotto Costume, and I finished my Tia Dalma outfit for which I won Best Workmanship.
Documentation for TIA DALMA and  MALFOTTO

November Supanova: I wore my Jocasta Nu (Star Wars Librarian) for the first time. Dave loves his Reacher Gilt outfit.
November Christmas Pagaent with SAFF: Dave's new Jedi outfit (not quite finished) and Jocasta Nu December was very busy: Hobbit Premier - Dave IS Gandalf and I finally got to make my Hobbittess outfit. and the ACG Christmas party: some old costumes out to play, Captain Hammer and Hobbitty goodness

Armageddon Adelaide March, 2011 : the first one in Adelaide! There were quite a few ACG members there My new steampunk and Dave's new coat got their first airing, and my resized Bellatrix got a whirl. Steve won the Costume Masquade (yeah) and Symon's TARDIS was popular. We met Patricia Tallman - lovely lady! who is into Steampunk as well. She asked for a pic with us
Nullus Anxietus III, April, 2011: I won a prize: Dinner with Terry Pratchett! Colour me happy!!
Dave got a Reacher Gilt outfit and I made a Susan Sto Helit and a Clax girl..

July: Quizz night.  Team Shuttle was again victorious! Dave rewore his Ghostbusters outfit and I made another River Song..

August: ACG BALL: I made a boroque outfit from all 'stash' or recycled matererials. Dave rewore his Reacher Gilt outfit:

August: Mad Hatter Tea Party:  What have we got in our cupboardses..? I  designed, drafted and sewed a top for the day:
October: Steam at the Zoo. We all went in Steampunk outfits to the zoo and a picnic afterwards. I recovered the umbrella, iwth lace, myself and patterned and made my explorer outfit.  Morgan came up with her own outfit: A steampunk Collector of Mythical Creatures.
A very Tweedy Birthday: in conjunction with the Tweed Ride:
November: Tea with Steam: we visited Brisbane ... and  my explorer was shown for was it originally was to be: Steampunk Scout Mistress

December: Christmas Party... River Song in Cleric Soldier outfit. Morgan reprised her Steampunk. Dave wore his UNIT outfit...


2010 Quizznight, July 3rd. This year Dave and I used the quizznight as an excuse to make SGU uniforms Diary HERE...   Team Shuttle won again... go us!! Annual Costume Ball. 28th August, 2010. I finally managed to finish Dr RIver Song, from Time of the Angels. David was John Smith, The Doctor's alternate persona.

2010: September; 80's Heroes night. Our team was Team Gorbochov (aka 'the Ruskies").  Other teams were Team Reagan and Team Thatcher. After many games, including human  pac man...  our team won!! Proper Dave and I went as Ghostbusters.... Harry Potter 7: Fim Opening Night: November 18th
A group of 23 members from both Billiwigs and ACG attended the film on opening night. Dave was Sirius Black and I went as Bellatrix la Strange (but the costume is from HP7 pt2!) Below is the group photo. COSTUME DIARIES AVAILABLE
ACG Christmas Party: held in December. It is a 'free for all' ; you can wear any costume. Dave and I wore our Harry Potter costumes. Morgan wore her Hermoine outfit. She used my timeturner and Dave's Monster Book...
Right is all of the party goers!
Quizz night 2009... Team Shuttle (half of the original Team Rocket, plus a ring in)... won again! Yeah, us!
Dave wore his UNIT uniform, I reprised my POC dress.
Steampunk! The Maiden Voyage of the Olympia. A trip to the moon! The Annual Costume Ball. David loves his UNIT uniform and I finally got to make the 1780/90 outfit that has been on my list for a very long time...
I won a Hall Costume award.
Other pics of the ball can be found at
The Annual Christmas Party.  What we wore is on the  right (more Pics at Flickr Kat_d_b ) I attempted a Sybil from the Dr Who episode: Fires of Pompeii. Morgan requested 'Susan from Narnia, Prince Caspian". Dave went as Constantine .
Costumers' Guild  2008 Trivia night: theme - anything
Team Rocket came second this year! (by only 2 points!)
Our first Steampunk, for the Annual Costumer's Ball. We won a Hall Costume Award for them. October, 2008.
Edwardian Picnic at Rymil Park. Morgan loved her new outfit. Dafydd's was a 'revamped' wool suit... He also had his Dr Who fob watch... he he...
The Costumers' Ball, 2007. David and I attended and wore some relatively new SCA garb. Mine based on Bronzino's Bia portrait (I removed my undersleeves as it was hot) and David's was Elizabethan. The Costumers' Christmas Party: (we did not manage to get pics together this time): I made a 1909 linen day dress (very comfortable!), David went as Jayne from Firefly/Serenity and Morgan went as Flora from The Winx Club.
12/06: Costumer's Guild Christmas Party (open theme). Dafydd and I wore our outfits from my birthday party. 12/06: Morgan came as a shipwrecked Captain Feather- sword (it was a very hot day of 41 celcius!) 3/07: On the original day of the SA Fairytale picnic it was very hot. We decided to picnic at home.. I had always wanted to do The Snow Queen, Morgan did Rapunzel and David went as the Emperor in his new clothes. On the rescheduled day of 1st April, we could not make the picnic.. so here are our costumes anyway.

Morgan and Alison at the recent CGA Christmas party.

2/06: Pirates! at the Buffalo Resturant: Dread Pirate Roberts

2/06: Pirates! at the Buffalo Resturant: Black Kat

These two outfits were put together from existing bits in a week.

8/06: Costumers Guild 10th Annual Ball
The costumes I had planned were not finished, so we wore some old ones.
(we also had a new camera - and did something we knew we should not have done- so the settings were not optimum.

Terra Nova 4 (Novmeber, 2006).

It was held at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Adelaide. The guests were Tony Amendola (Master Bra'tak- SG1) and Rachel Luttrell (Teyla- SG Atlantis). 

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