The Purple Files:  Dr Who - River Song
Recreations by K. Carlisle, also known as La Signora Onorata Katerina da Brescia

Finally, a 'companion' (well, we shall see won't we?) that is 'of my own age'! So, I have a few of her costumes planned and on the go already.
Firstly, as there is the Australian Costumers' Guild Ball next month, is a Ball gown! This one is from "The Time of the Angels". Scarily, it means some new skills I have to learn: sewing chiffon, French seams, covering leather bag just for starters...
The original costume is a long black (30-40's inspired?) dress 
The dress has the following features:
  • The bodice has a slightly gathered front and back with 
  • mostly silver (and some black) trim on the front 'V' neckline, back (rounded) neckline, and across the front of the waistband only
  • the bodice front has some gathers on the shoulderline
  • a triangular waistband, larger on the front than the back
  • no visible closures
  • chiffon sleeves with a solid black cuff with 5 material covered buttons on each cuff
  • The  inside of the material is shinier and 
  • there is a small hem. The hemline is at about ankle length allowing the shoes to be completely visible.
  • The skirt is basically 'A'line with the material being shown to be 'soft' at the top of the skirt, by the way it hangs
  • a small train. 
Accessories include:
  • 40's inspired cat'seye sunglasses
  • red leather handbag with a 'tube' along the top and a wide handle. 
  • simple silver metal watch on the left hand
  • blonde 'movie star' hair with side parting
  • River's blue diary
  • red (well,  merlot technically)  Christian Louboutin Bianca Platform Pump complete with signature red sole... sigh.. (like I could afford that one!!!)  though they are currently on sale... still sigh...
  • stud earrings

My options for accessories were limited to second hand, make-my-own and limited to $40 for shoes... I managed the following:
  • Shoes for under $40 in red (close ish)
  • costume catseye sunnies... ugh, they were in style not that long ago and now totally ... not! $14.95 (not prescription unfortuately... I will look for other options later) The only ones (at the price I could afford) had shiny diamontes... oh, well...
  • a silver watch (with round face not square-ish unfortunately) from the Salvos $9.95. I did not want to spend much as I do not have a great history with metal watches... I run down batteries and they forwards and backwards...
  • Salvos tan squarish bag, covered with red leather (from the sale bin) $32 all up
  • Red nail polish $3
  • Covered book from Browse n' Save, covered with artwork from the BBC website  (yeah, them!)
The pattern: bodice lining and skirt:

The toile :

The Waistline and Bodice:
The bust area was gathered. The bodice waist was gathered into the waistband. The skirt was A-line. I used some trim, from my 'material stash' for the bodice decoration. The original has gold and black as well as silver. I have not been able to find a well=priced substitute. I hate doing invisible zips!

The original and mine, with covered buttons...
Wig and Makeup:


K. Carlisle. 8/10

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