The Purple Files:  Discworld Costumes.
Recreations by K. Carlisle, also known as La Signora Onorata Katerina da Brescia

New costumes were required for Nullus Anxietus III, a Discworld convention. I was lucky to win dinner with Sir Terry Pratchet during the convention. (squeeee)...
Dave decided he wanted a Reacher Gilt costume (Going POstal), I wanted a Susan Sto Lat (Hogfather) and a Klax girl from  Going Postal, as I could use my new brown corset .

What to make when I have heaps of black drill in the cupboard... Susan Sto Lat from Hogfather!
Things I already had:
  • grey pinstriped white cotton for blouse(15+years old)
  • black drill 
  • calico Victorian petticoat
  • buttons
  • broach
Things I had to buy:
  • white wig and black clip on section
  • black tafetta for vest
  • poker from opshop
The skirt was based on a pattern I had for a commercial 'Victorian' panelled A line, long skirt pattern. I added a train and pleated the back. The vest was altered from an old vest pattern I had from the early 1980s when I used to wear vests as a fashion statment. I sized it up added a collar and moved the seams. Below Left is the original vest. Right is my recreation. and my buttons in stash.
The blouse was made from some cotton I bought over 15 years ago when it was fashionable for mundane tops - but I never got to make it.  I used an old shirt pattern, remade a stand up collar with fold over trim, widened the front to accommodate pleats, trying to line up the stripes. I also made the sleeve top larger to gather to a slight leg o'mutton  shape. The bottom of the sleeve was tight and a button with loop was used as a closure. I had a round broach to wear with it.
I found a poker in a Salvos, an old fashion eggtimer as a mini lifetimer, have been looking for a large copy of Jack and the Beanstalk. I bought a white 'Mrs Claus' wig and added clip on black bits. Unfortunately the only one I could get within budget had the curls at the front, but it will have to do. (right) though I am looking for another black clip section. (out of stock right now)

Final Outfit: at Nullus Anxietus III, Sydney 2011.

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