The Purple Files:  Discworld Costumes.
Recreations by K. Carlisle, also known as La Signora Onorata Katerina da Brescia

New costumes were required for Nullus Anxietus III, a Discworld convention. I was lucky to win dinner with Sir Terry Pratchet during the convention. (squeeee)...
Dave decided he wanted a Reacher Gilt costume (Going POstal), I wanted a Susan Sto Lat (Hogfather) and a Klax girl from  Going Postal, as I could use my new brown corset .

David saw Reacher GIlt, in Going Postal and just WANTED the outfit ( I think it was the long swishy coat).
Things we already had:
  • black shirt
  • black pants
  • material for vest (from SCA garb)
  • tafetta lining (extra from Susan costume)
  • button blanks for self covered buttons (sleeves)
  • a pirate patch from my party a few years ago
  • leather for under patch
  • fob watch
  • buttons
Things we had to buy:
  • black material (thick satin) so the sleeve pleats would hold. I could not find stiped sigh...
  • paisley material for gigantic cravat
  • larger button blanks for self covered buttons
  • leather gloves with holes at knuckles
  • cane
  • cheapo top hat
The vest was made from left over brocade. I had the buttons in my button stash. The back and lining were made from left over tafetta. I used a mens vest pattern Simplicity 4916, and altered the neckline higher and reshaped the collar as it was too low in the original.  I also lengthened the vest.
I made a paper pattern for the cravat which was comedically oversized. Below are the parts I used and right is the bow

Coat: This was the 'showpiece' of this costume. It was the most expensive part of our 4 costumes for Nullus Anxietus III.  I wanted to line it and make it usable for other outfits such as Victorian or Steampunk; if we were buying the material especially (though it was on sale or mismarked fro about $4/m - I could not believe it!!). I had a pattern (Simpicity 4083) as I had not made a mens coat like this before and did not want to fluff it and rebuy material.

Alterations made were:
  • sleeve head were widened for pleats and added overlap at the cuff for buttons
  • reshaped the collar 
  • lengthened coat
  • added pockets with flaps
  • made a lining pattern

As the satin did not crease well or iron flat, I overstitched all of the seams with handsewn running stitch. The buttons were self covered with the satin and extra buttonholes were added to the collar. The top, foldover collar was herringbone handstitched with demimn canvas to make it stiff. I did not use stiffening in the collar, as the original Reacher coat has softer lapels.

Dave was in charge of making the cane and patch. The bought plastic patch was underlined with leather, the cane was made with a curtain finial and dowling. 

Final Outfit: at Nullus Anxietus III, Sydney, 2011.

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