Purple Files: Firefly/ Serenity Costumes

As part of the Costumed Gathering at National Science Week 2006, some of the Costumer's Guild members attended the "Little Green Men' movie night at the SA Museum. ( Details can be found on the Shuttle Mawson 's Club News page of http://www.shuttlemawson.com )

David loves Firefly and so needed no excuse for costumes really, but this was as good as any.

Zoe is the second in command.

The first two pics are from the series Firefly. The third is from the movie Serenity.

This costume required a few trips to the local leather store and some updating on our leather tool kit.

The thinner leather was machine sewn, with the gunbelts being handsewn. David did a bit of rivetting...

I tried op-shops for the pants, but had to settle with some found in a saddlery shop.


Here are the 'in progress' pics of the jacket from the movie.

the leather vest, based on the series.

close up of the buckles.

Zoe's gunbelt. I liked the look of the movie belt. I will probably make the movie vest at a later stage

Mal is the captain of the Serinity.
The left two pics are from the series.
Some trips to the opshop got the pants. The shirt was found on sale.
Below L-R: Dafydd's costume as Mal done, with the gunbelt and suspenders...
Mine as Zoe. Firstly as the TV show (I could not find a khaki top... will keep looking) and with the jacket from the movie. It was a cold night so I am glad I made the jacket. Now we are working on Mal's jacket (this will cost more in leather so saving up first.)



On the night...

I managed to score a free ticket for the upcoming NovaCon 4 in November, for best costume on the night.

Websites with more pics and info on Firefly costumes:

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August, 2006