Purple Files: Edwardian Hair tutorial
Recreated by La Signora Onorata Katerina da Brescia.

I was making a 1909 dress and wanted to do the hair properly.  Frazzled Frau website has scans  on Hair lessons and advice from Girls Own Paper and Woman's magazine, 1911.  This gave instuctions on several popular hairstyles of the time. Left is the Recamier Coiffure.
This is how I did it.
1. Wash hair the night before and plait in small plaits. Leave as long as possible after dry. (I left about 18 hours in the end). If you are gifted with naturally curly hair you will not have to do this. Mine is straight and fine (argh)
2. Brush out hair so it is frizzy. 2. separate into three parts (sides behind the ears)  3. then separate the front into 3 parts.  4. roll one side to back and pin one side (I did not have any rats this time but will make some to give added puffiness. ) pin in place.
5. then the other side. pin in place. 6. then the front. (use long bobby pins to secure in the centre back) 7. the parts (from the front and sides) hanging down are then pinned up.
8. Use fingers to roll the short ends and pin in place.

9. divide the remaining back piece in two and roll each section (downwards). the right one is brought under the 'bun'to the left and wound around. pin in place. The left one is brought under and wound over the top and pinned in place. 10. the result.


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