Star Trek Costumes.

During the 1980's and 1990's, I was often found at SF conventions (fan run). Since they have become more professionally run, I do not attend as often. (they don't have the same atmosphere).
Here are a few of my Star Trek Costumes, made in the 1990's.

Star Trek -Data's Uniform

Star Trek - dress unifrom
Star Trek - Next Generation (under uniform)
Deep Space Nine
Next Generation - Yesterday's Enterprise






Dress Uniforms in action. I made them both.

Above:(bad photo) of the dress uniform and an original trek (movie) costume I made (for my ex, so I don't have it anymore).
Below: David in one of my old star trek Klingon costume (see below R)

Another bad (manic) photo, this time of my DS9 uniform.


Star Trek VI premier

This photo was taken at Constantinople, a SF convention in Melbourne, some years ago. As part of the parade, we did a filk to ' I'm an arsehole'. - Klingons and Romulans.

Bought Star Trek Badges:

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