Purple Files: Pirates of the Carribean

For my party this year, I am having a Pirate Party... I love pirates, have since I was a child. Dafydd and I both want some POC costumes... so...

Left is the original costume for Elizabeth (From Curse of the Black Pearl) is the inspiration for my dress.
Right is the finished article front and back. Below is a close up of the cartridge pleating at the waist.

 I managed most of the outfit from my stash of material and bits (had to buy the frogs) - wahoo!

Starting with Elizabeth's smock. I used an old pattern (from Eleanor d' toledo), for the size, redisigned it to match the move. This will not be an entirely accurate historical outfit, as I am re-creating the movie costume, which is not entirely historically accurate.

All of Elizabeth's outfit is mainly from materials in my stash: the only thing I will have to buy is the black lace (front of skirt), thin gold braid (for over seams, bodice and neck), black 'frogs' for sleeves and bodice.

so far....

Elizabeth's smock: thick white cotton twill.


coming! are pics from my birthday party - Pirates!!



Morgan as Captain Feathersword

the ships cabin read to party!
December, 2006. I wore this outfit (well, we all did really) to the Costumer's Guild Christmas Party and finally got some decent pics! (Problem is I have lost a few kgs and the dress is now loose! - damn, this is wear a corset would be handy!)

(thanks to Dafydd and Steve for these pics)

A good website to get a look at the original costumes for Elizabeth, from the first movie,is at Will of a Sparrow at http://www.willofasparrow.com/files/costume.html

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