Science Fiction and COnventions
the beginning 1982 +
I have been hanging around Science Fiction fandom since 1982. I first attended Conquest back then when we were the first ones to have a convention in the then new Sheraton Hotel in Brisbane. In 1988 I arrived in South Australia and have been travelling interstate for conventions ever since. After a hiatus of non-attending, I bussed it to Canberra (I don't recommend the 17 + hour trip) where I met many of the well known names in fandom. You may have seen me, my costumes or my artwork over the years.

conquest brisbane Convention, 1982 onwards
I attented the first Conquest to be held in the then new Sheraton Hotel in Brisbane. Guests at different Conquests included George Takai (a lovely man) and Janet Fielding (Dr Who). Fan conventions often had charity auctions. At this one, a piece of rope used to tie 'Teagan' was sold for over $200! (I am still looking for photos from these)

Canberra convention - 1988

This was the first convention I attended, after moving to Adelaide. The original advertised guest was 'Uhura" from Star  Trek. Due to unforseen circumstances, she was unavailable. Our short-notice stand in was a busker, but her was very good value!! This was the first time I had seen Blake Edgerton. A fan who forte was fan filk.and climbing in hotel windows... my favourite was 'Mrs Skywalker".
This was when I got hooked on costuming... my first real SF genre - Blakc's 7 or course!

trekcon IV Melbourne 1990
My first Melbourne Fan Convention. Bjo Trimble attended as one of the Guests of Honour. Here I met some well known fandom names: (now) K'Rin, Ian Gunn, Robert Jan and many others. Having lived in Adelaide for two years, this was the first time I had met fans from my now hometown.
Trekcon IV was also the debut of the 'teddy bear' Klingons as they were called... I have a big problem looking mean! :(
The highlight of the costume parade from a rendition of Bugle Boy of company B - an ode to Data. (left)
Huttcon Melbourne 1990
Guest of honour: Ed Bishop and Miss Rebecca from Mr Squiggle (Australia's longest running SF show technically). People still ask about the model of Deep Thought... well it was at this convention! Security were fairies (complete with tutu), there was a life size Marvin, Theatre spots, lots of minties.  I entered my first masquerade, as Winnowill from Elfquest. We managed to score dinner with both Miss Rebecca and Ed Bishop... both lovely people!

coNfictionary Australian Natcon 1991 - Adelaide
Guests of Honour: George Turner. Fan Guest: Yvone Roussequ.
This was more of a literary convention and was the annual national SF convention for this year.
I was part of the committee (costume parade of course). Keeping up with the 'tradition' of Fan run conventions, there was an opening and closing ceremony, Masquerade and Theatre Spots and role-playing competition. Aphelion Press held a book launch.
The video programme featured 'first episodes' of many 'classics'. We even managed to make channel 9 with my video footage of our hotel fire making the news! 
Vampiricon Melbourne 1991
Guests of Honour: Kenny Baker (R2D2) and David Prowse (Darth Vader)
Charity of Choice was RSPCA. (Fan conventions tended to have a 'resident' charity, with funds from both a charity auction and the profits of the convention going to the  charity).
Actually, we had the hotel room next to Mr Baker (we wanted the quiet section). BIG TIP for Fan conventions was to choose the quiet part of the hotel, so you could leave the room parties and get sleep when you want it!
The convention dinner was held at 'Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant;'.

Hongcon Adelaide 1992
Guests of Honour: Neil Gaiman
This run by local Adelaide fans; (I helped with the art show). True to an ever growing number of Fan Conventions, the main set was a guest of honour in its own right, as was the opening ceremony! Remember Close Encounters of the Third Kind.... well, all I can say for the mashed potatoe is  DUCK!
This convention, I won my very first masquerade award for Best Performance - a Star Trek, Dark Shadows crossover thing... (well, I got convinced to go in at the last minute!)
The convention dinner was themed 'Dreams and Nightmares' in honour of Neil Gaiman.
The set....
starwalking 2 Melbourne 1993
Guests of Honour: Marc Gracie (Australian movie director), Don Bies (Starwalking Archivist).
As part of the Star Wars 10th Anniversary there was a fan wedding of Leia and Han Solo at the banquet.
We spent a couple of hours teaching Don how to say 'aluminium' properly, got to hold a real lightsabre prop (they are heavy). Don like one of my pieces of artwork (from the art comp) and it now hangs in his office at Starwalking ranch!
Constantinople Melbourne 1994

Guests of Honour:  author William Gibson  (who hates chicken chips - and I agree!)

The costume parade was full of borg! I made mark II of the 'teddy bear' Klingons.
There was a large contingent of Fanzines (fan magazines) available to read, at this convention.
Force 1 Melbourne 1995
Guests of Honour: Don Bies returned (he had proposed to a fan he met at Starwalking - all very romantic)
I drew a portrait for them - based on Gone with the Wind. (right).
The convention banquet was at the 'Twin Suns Cantina' where all the scum of the universe meet (they were actually quite reasonably behaved).
More of the usual - masquerade (we did Correlean Pirates complete with prison numbers), art shows, panels, room parties....

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