Really Old Costumes from Parties
Some old Costumes from parties over the years, mainly in Brisbane and Adelaide. Hey, these are so old I can't remember the exact dates (not written down then!)

Gamer's Guild (Uni Gaming Group) Brisbane.
Christmas Party as the obligatory Elven Princes... hey it is 1986, what do you expect?

OzCon- Gaming Convention in Toowoomba, 1987
Cardboard armour!

Barberella - at an early Star Trek Club meeting in Adelaide.

Sarah from Labyrinth (birthday party).

Diana from 'V'.
another birthday party

A Masque party

Batgirl (from original TV series)...
a superhero birthday party early 1990's

An obligatory toga party...

Red Dwarf party....

Star Trek VI premier in Hindley St, Adelaide

Post Apocolyptic Party:David as Teminator, me as Rachel from Bladerunner

James Bond - Birthday Party
LEFT: Xenia Onatop and  Baron Samedi, with  RIGHT: (Katrine as a good girl) and Rob as Bond.


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