Really Old Costumes from Conventions
Some of my original costumes from early Fan SF Conventions (I really miss Fan conventions... sigh!)
I will post earlier ones (from 1982 on, when and IF I can find them..... somewhere in the shed I think!)

from a Canberra Con in 1988,
Blakes 7 costume

Huttcon 1990
Winnowill, from Elfquest (masquerade)

Huttcon 1990 Hall costume. this became known as the "Teddy bear Klingon"

Vampiricon 1991 - Hall costume
Flashheart from Black Adder II

Vampiricon 1991 - another Hall costume from Back to the Future 3 (the one hanging off the train). I made a bustle for this one!

Vampiricon 1991
Masquerade costume
this was from Witches (Angelica Houston's character).
Some more Fan SF Conventions from the 1990's

From HongCon 1992
I was into Dark Shadow (18th C historical/fantasy) 

Starwalking 2 1993
Star Trek Dress Uniforms. I made matching ones for Rob and myself

Starwalking 2 1993
Maquerade - Star Trek TNG dress uniform and Star Trek Movie costume, both made by me.
Here be more STAR TREK costumes

Constantinople 1994 - masquerade
This was mark II of the so called 'teddy bear' Klingons... and my first (not very good) attempt at doing the head pieces... one day I will do the improved version...
and the end of the 1990s... Fan run SF conventions were becoming less common as professionally run conventions now took over...

Force 1 1995
Correlean Pirate - original design

Multiverse 3 1998
(Hall cosutmes)
Ivanova Army of Light  and Marcus Ranger costumes.

Multivers 3 1998
Masquerade - Female Centauri outfit (David did not enter).

Here be more BABYLON 5 costumes.


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