I bought a metal clasp from Spotlight (crafts section near the beads etc) The purse was hand - stitched with linen thread. I used beeswax to 'seal' all of the rough edges on this one. I did not fancy having fraying velveteen everywhere.

The lacing eyelets were hand bound in buttonhold stitch. The cord was handmade, as was the tassels. These are great skills to learn. You can buy your threads in the colours you want and make your tassels and cords to match.

I used purple and white, as these are my heraldic colours.



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Orbitus Gentilium (plate 22), Patterns of Fashion, and LACMA collection with an extant example.
My pouch is based mainly on the Vos engraving from Patterns of Fashion - more fitting to my time period and easier to access in a hurry than the rectangular or square pouches of the 14th & 15th C.

I ran a pouch workshop in Innilgard. HERE is a short rundown on how to make this sort of pouch.

My pouch as worn at Festival XXXVIII (please ignore the little light blue one which was full of easter eggs)

Under the skirts...

Over the skirts......

And inside the pouch is the purse.....

This purse was made from velveteen
(my favourite – and you guessed it... more left o